Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Social Networking (JOATMON)

Facebook pulls you up as a "Friend I May Know"
May know?! Quite a bit, I'd say so
All up in my news feed
It's like I got a Ustream
Maybe a tributary
Because I'm cut off--My river ran into the cemetery
It's selfish, but it hurts more to see your happy updates
Flipping through our old tagged photos keeps me up late

This wouldn't be if I could have had everything my way
Since it ended I can't even look at MySpace
You still my Top Friend, I can't change it
It hurts too much rearrange it

I start to sweat at the sight of ya @mentions
Twitter got me bitter, but I act like I pay it no @tention
But you have been pounded in my mind
#You the trending topic
It seems to follow @you and I cant stop it

I see you log on and I feel even more miserable
Because I need you, but to you my status is invisible
I try to stay in your life by sending an occasional message
It hurts trying to fit in your life, that's why hearts aren't a shape in tetris
But pathetically i still log on
Because my home page is you.com



Thursday, September 3, 2009

It Was Just My Imagination Pt. 2

Our love was like a fantasy.
We always felt like each other was a mirage,
Until we reached the oasis of us
The dream paled in comparison to the sun kissed tan of our reality.

I trusted you. I believed you. I loved you
I could find no flaw…
I wanted you to be my everything…
I would do anything…
I wanted you to want for nothing

You trusted me. You believed me. You loved me
Your cries of how much you love me soared to the heavens
Hell, you wanted to be my everything…
You would do anything…
You wanted me to want for nothing
But…where are you now?

Where are those reassuring hugs?
Where are those comforting kisses?
Where are those rainy days of holding?
Where are those laughter loaded hours?

Did they ever really happen?
Or was it…just my imagination?

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