Monday, October 12, 2009

Jealous Bitches

Bitches were jealous of me...
Ever since I had my training bra, when other girls were still rocking side ponytails
Every guy wanted me
Every girl wanted to be me
I skipped sizes like hopscotch
A's to C's to Double Ds.
Endowed with the bosom that busted
They got me out of tickets and into clubs
My first husband and fed my kids
Lol Bitches were jealous of me...
But now--They are gone...
Well one is, but THEY are not here...
I am not here
Who am I?
What am I?
Am I even a woman?
Bitches were so damn jealous me but now
Bitches pity me...I pity me

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

It Was Just My Imagination Pt. 1 (From Her)

On a snowy Kansas night
With a star studded sky tucked in to the clouds
I saw you
As our eyes met, our minds meld
Our souls synced and our lives linked
Piper or not, my mind had no fear, no doubt
You beckoned me
And as if our feet were fused, in lock-step
We inched closer and closer
Those almond shaped eyes grew more soft
That reassuring smile grew more comforting
That towering statuesque frame grew more chiseled

My consciousness was knocked unconscious
Though stranger, this feeling was so familiar
And as we stood nose to nose
There were no thoughts, no nervousness
We both knew what was next

And as we inched closer, lips perched, hearts throbbing
It was only a matter of time before we reached nirvana
And as I leaned, reality careened
Forbidden Fruit, bursting with ripeness, ready in my hands
I ran, but I stayed.
And as I turned back, I saw you there looking for me
And as that tempest raged into a hurricane
I was forced into denial that... was just my imagination...

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