Wednesday, July 20, 2011


He's a monster.
Oh how I longed to proclaim that, exclaim that, scream that, with the fear of a child-But
I can merely state it
In a stasis of pure belief

She's a monster.
Oh how I longed to proclaim that, exclaim that, scream that, with the fear of a child-But
I can merely state it
In a stasis of pure belief

He's a monster.
Although a beast of a different phylum, he hails from that kingdom
While not royalty,
The crown of broken hearts rest upon his head like thorns;
...He was merely ignorant.

She's a monster.
The evidence of lore and tears from the empty bottles of foolish men's testimony
While not apparent in the forward,
The climax always rears the final punctuations' perpetual fruition
She was the textbook terror.

He's a monster.
He invaded to evade; not to reign
He could have found a yielding and loyal subject,
Who yearned for a sire to claim the exclusive and covetous throne of her heart.
He was a conqueror of hinds, not hearts.

She's a monster.
They way my name's last syllable slipped off her tongue and dove into my hopes
Seduced her horror into my heart
Plunging me into the oceans of her facade mythic depths.
Yet, even without common sense's air, I was able to breath
Her cursed kisses maimed me with gills

He's a monster.
No fool, nor child this road was familiar as my failures
But his grasp, hugs, kisses, and glances painted the Picasso of things hoped for...
...over the reality of things to be-that were
I knew, I just did not want to-That Bastard!

She's a monster
Yet I still swam in my grave, searching for her echo
A zombie, rendered brainless from the mirage of my life's prayers
She caused my heart to think and feel for me!
She effected my heart to think and feel only her!
She defected my heart to hers-That Bitch!

He's a monster.
The memory of his reveal is as clear as pastures
As my defenses last hesitant instincts recoiled,
His true form coiled; and blasted into my vulnerabilities ajar window
Raising up and rearing his frightening yet all to familiar hood
His salacious hunger for his impending feast of my loves satisfaction
Caused his fangs to rain saliva upon like a volcanic ash

She's a monster.
The glorious illumination of her light dwindled to a star from the sun
And as I gave chase, the faint glow grew; slowly outlining gaping and crooked jaws
Littered with the bones of missing Saturday night soldiers
They ached for me to find my home amongst the bed of bodies
And as her gullet created a drain, I flushed any resistance

He's a monster
And as he lunged towards my me
All I could do was accept what is, and do what I knew best
I smiled...

She's a monster.
Roped to her heart hungry stomach,
All I could do was accept what is, and do what I knew best
I smiled...

You see I am a monster.
And with the inevitable looking so inviting
Enticing me to feast upon reality, the foil fantasy
Every predator is something
....and its feeding time or get ate...

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

Monday, June 20, 2011

Orenthal's Room

**Phone Rings**
Hello I think I have someones shirt, it was misplaced in my dry cleaning?

Cleaners: We haven't had anyone call for a shirt, when did you take out your dry cleaning?

Last month my name is ..., my girl usually drops it off my customer number is 789

Cleaners: Oh hi Mr. ..., I met your brother he is a funny guy he came in with your wife last month to pick up your dry cleaning

Cup full of crown, drinkin staring at your name in cell phone
I should call you and go home
But I know your not alone

This good woman I should try,
someone who can appreciate a good guy
One cup for me is too much
I'm about to call yo ass, pick up...

Fuck that nigga that's eclipsing me
I can taste his toothpaste when you kissin me
Fuck that nigga that's inside you now
He better be with you when it all goes down

(Are you home Right Now?)
I might can't do better but I cant do worst
Where has my woman been lately
I might can't do better but I cant do worst
Ill just prayin waitin on you to get here

Another cup of henny, I don't even drink liquor
I don't care how long it takes you to get here
I don't even miss you no more
Confused between nights and mornings
Cuz the sun isn't important
When your pluto....what you mean im not a planet just granite


I used to be addicted to facebook pimpin and tempted by fucking bitches that I almost had
I never knew I had to make an fucking appointment just to call yo ass
Where is the cake cuz--
This is a party yep this is a party
I hope you brought that nigga cuz this is a party
Thank you for comin cuz noone is leavin
God just lost another angel to his own demon
Wish I could go but ain't no escapin from freedom
--And this was torture
Free Clinic Waiting Room this is torture
Kept away from the snakes in the orchard
But damn eve for Christ shakes your just a whore for
The fruits odor, thats why you inhale, engulf and reorder (Another Please)
Hard stay updated when you fuckin the twitter Orca
Dumb bird tryna keep him at capacity
An Opacity to your insecure voracity
Combat Mortality...Fatality
Like Cano took his heart cuz his had yours
And yours has mine and I had to get first
Why in my dry cleaning did I get that shirt?


**Phone Rings**
(You have reached the voice-mail of...Please Leave a Message after the tone)
**Phone Rings**
(You have reached the voice-mail of...Please Leave a Message after the tone)
**Phone Rings**
(You have reached the voice-mail of...Please Leave a Message after the tone)

The roofs on fire, and the floor too...
I got some more juice... Is there more goose?
I don't wanna take it straight or ill get in some trouble...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beautiful Sprout

We were victims of youth
Suffered from the symptoms of truth
Now to you it was fiction, a dupe
Confused, by the white suit of a love so new
We had the condition of tooth
Armor was enamel
Even though enamored, we weren't armed for a hammer
Love became luv, broken hearts like our grammar
Hands burned by the wax from the flickering candle

Too bad we were affixed to our ages
On each other we were fixated
In you're eyes I saw my life, and my sunshine in the reflection off your big braces
Our break was hard to fix because we had to skip spaces
Its hard to step up the stairs as a pair when your landings in different stages

And you lie in different places, with different people...placeholders
Replacement players took their glow to shine and takeover
We got drunk of local affection, the long distance made it hard to stay sober
No need for calling or texting, physically connected to others
Became dejected and towards the west we turned our rudders

Even after all these years I still smile when I hear ya name
Or whenever I see the flower labeled the same
What we had was an umbrella of us despite the supercell of doubt
So although it never blossomed it was the most beautiful sprout

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Devil in A New Dress

How you in my rear-view and my windshield?
It’s like a sunny day, with a wind-chill
You just blowing air like a windmill
But you take me there, horseshoes and timb heels
My heart feels likes it’s ran ten hills
Stop for breath looked up and seen a mountain....range
I thought I found a fountain, I found a drain
Cuz she broke my heart, I out here rerouting veins
Connecting them to vages with absent daddies
Vagina Vulture d.b.a Saturday Night Savage
Sunday Morning Vanished
Thanks to my guest, half dressed, mumbling something up in spanish

Te queiro. Te quiero?!? Te quiero! Ay dios!

No me conoces? Donde vives?
I never look up, cuz I know god see this
I aint ashamed, hell he's right here with me
In the club, acting up, he was right there with me
Main reason after Remy I still found that jimmy
I know he's right here, but why is he still right here with me?
I don't deserve it, why aint he deserted?
She did, bounced like it was right before the offering time of service
Goddamn Lucifer, I love ya daughter Lucy
Hot love, but no fire crotch Danny Bonaduce
How she got so many faces and so many races?
How I meet her so many times in so many places?
How she in so many sizes and so many ages?
Don't get her wasted, just point down and ask can you take this?

She, they always reply in the positive
Insecurity modeling, unbottling immaturities swallowing
Don't know if it’s A.I.D.S or aiding cognitive-abilities
But it’s the facility for this soliloquy
Menstruating mentally
I don’t know if stability is in my vicinity
But I know these hours aren’t ours and these minutes aren’t meant to be
So every second is success
Trying to move on, but I see my ex in every club dress

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

Monday, January 24, 2011


Why won't you kiss me back?
The freon that courses you veins has caused your lips to feel like...nothing...
My cries, no matter the intensity, sincerity, or vulgarity, illicit that same damning response....a smile...
The smile that once filled me with a joyous fervor,
Now is a red-eyed gleaming terror

Why won't you say you miss me back?
I miss you, and I throw my emotions missiles, with the muscles of a million men,
But they always miss you...
Your presence should denote your receptive
But whether it was dropped, evaded or intercepted
I can't hit my target, if its guarding...its self...

How is your smile a sword and a shield?
I can't take anymore!
I drop to the floor and and kneel
Lying on the floor of shards of broken glass from the picture frame
Tears streaming down upon that glossy picture of you
The only bit of you that remains....
Why won't you kiss me back?

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Last Last

As we laid there, with our thoughts enveloping the moment
We said nothing.
Our silence, our blank stares, our pinky-lock said it all
This is not the first time
But it would be the last…last time
I grabbed her slender frame and lunged
Pulling her towards me, pushing me into her
Trying to penetrate those two deep mocha guardians of hers and seize what’s mine!
What she has been holding back for far too long

Her uncanny resilience could rival Wolverine
Not only was my offense met with opposition, but so was her volition
He had her. He has her. But I have her!
An ionic bond of wholes, a covalent bond of souls
So this last last time, this subatomic reaction has to go nuclear...
Nuking our nucleus, sending shock-waves through our neurons,
Shifting us from neutral to overdrive

He has her, but she is mine.
Each kiss was the fruition of the fantasy of us
Inhaling her every exhale, in effort to take back every stolen breath
Engulfed in our cocoon, my hands traversed her every crevice
Eyes seemed to sprout on the tips of my fingers
With each touch I saw what she couldn’t say
Our lips' link synced our unconscious
And as my teeth grazed back on her bottom lip that final time
I bit the edge to hold on to her, to us, for a millisecond longer

So anytime you need me, circle back to that night
Spiral through our indulgence, then pivot on that moment
Right before the crowns of my front teeth slipped off the rim of your supple lips
Because I am still right there waiting to have you again
...the last last...lasts

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

Thursday, January 6, 2011

De(a)f Poetry

This is not Deaf Poetry
Words simply scrawled, typed or signed is just fore-play
They can not grab you, throw you against a wall, stare you right in your eyes and engulf you like passionate screams, uncontrollable rambles, and satisfied yet exhausted whispers
It is for those who see without seeing
But it is not for the blind
Braille fails to raise my words from hands to hearts
Those bumps cannot detail, the relieving inhales, exasperating exhales and Barackish pauses
Not for emphasis, but for synthesis
Nary Morse coded sentences can beep exclamation, beeeeeeeeep exhilaration or beep-frustration...
It's stanza-ed it's scripted
It's random, it's rhythmic
It rhymes, it's written,
It's read, yet illustrates unfathomable pictures

This is not Def Poetry
The cadence isn't chained, enslavement to whats on stations
It's not at all just for audio
75 percent of language is inaudible
Its Pentecostal
So you will mishear if your tongue is from what my body do
No incense, bare-feet, dreads and dashikis
You don't need to have only watched B.E.T.V
My flow is water....colorless
A robust, tasteless, fulfilling, insatiable treasure hidden in front of your eyes for you to discover it
This is not Deaf Poetry
This is not Def Poetry
Yea...this is definitely poetry

Jack of All Trades...Master of None