Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ryan to Rhyan

We was once so close, damn near together
Thought our bond couldn’t be broke, last damn near forever
Where there was one, there was the other
We were more, than friends, Sister and Brother
But we have discovered that distance is a mutha
An abusive one too, have we become just another…of others?

We used to think we found our half
In saddest times, in our bond, we found our laughs
Now have we round our last turn, or de we have more laps
Has our time run its course or is there more to lapse
No excitement in our hi’s, no sadness in our goodbye’s
We used to be elation in our lives; it’d be madness if we died…

Now we o so apathetic
How we talk is o so pathetic
When I call, you answer like you bothered
But when it comes to my roomies you damn near holler
But I was the one you called, when your tears fell like a shower
I don’t remember the last time we talked for an hour

It’s on me too...
For two years I had a girl that took time away from you
As I got more committed and my time became conflicted
We talk less, but I never demitted
One of the saddest days was when you came & I was the last to get a visit
Hell it’s so often now, that I’m not even tripping
Remember when you said that you didn’t like talking on the phone
At that moment I felt so alone
You voice was so soothing, and without you I was losing
It seems our grasp has loosened, to the past we oozing

So before we are a was, I want to give you your flowers
While you can see them and smell them and still feel the power
Of what we have, if half, don’t matter because it’s true
If I ever fall in love again, I’ll be sure she’s just like you
You are beautiful, intelligent, caring strong, the Perfect Delta for a Q.
If I never am successful in life, I’ll be happy to still have you

I love you Rhyan Deshawn Ford. Thanks for everything.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


The dillusion of such
Led to the illusion of the crutch
And when we fall its the contusion of the...

There is no countdown, its just counting
No count up, its just amounting
There is no time line, it really is a ray
There is no end, no one day
A myriad of moments, a barrage of breaths
Can't build your life around it, because it's here when your left

Time Limit is a myth
How do you limit a myth?
Since was to make sense of what we sensed...
As the rat race...
And even you win, we all end up in that place
Its funny when you coming in first, and it you last
You just its lapsed

So what's the worry?
People run, time crawls
So what's the hurry?

You are so insignificant
Times so infinite
You're only really here an instant
Your end is not distant
The end is in the distance

So for the sprint...why strain?
Just be happy to get in the game
Most don't leave the bench - so lame
Why did the audience even come to the game?
You soul only rents your remains

No one gets out alive
But your soul never dies
Even though your whole will never rise
Your goal is to fly...

This was born out my impeding graduation and the angst. I was inspried by Drake - Lust for Life

Lust For Life - Drake, TRP