Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Poetry - The Usual Story

It is basically the usual story of a boy in the ghetto, it started off as me telling me life story but as I wrote it, it came that so many rappers, friends, entertainers had shared this story. it was written 2 years ago

The Usual Story by The Ryan Phipps

Sad he’s oh so, because Daddy don’t want the

Son of A Bitch, who’s batty and country

It was all set in motion, once the stone started rolling

And the tears started falling

Ain’t no consoling, a bastard bawling

Cept for rappers scrawling songs

That hit home for this young

Neglected nigga…His history a mystery

Those dudes talk to his heart, misery visibly

Displayed, rewound and replayed

It seems it’s delayed

His chance to be saved…

Nope he knows no father

He thinks he might falter

So why bother to gather alters

Nope he knows no Father.

He’d rather author, the second coming of the carter

Newest Jack of the city – take it all hostage

To hold weight like the O-line of a Big-12 College

His hopes demolished, dreams resurrected out of tar

He is the streets…perfected for the war

Moms has no cure and the ails won’t fail

But he his damn sure the cells won’t bail

The wells won’t fill, it’s bottomless

The problems just, swell won’t tail and to the gen. populace

It’s not common sense, but to him, the target audience, he's cognizant

In his competence, school is overshadowed

In the war on drugs, he’s wining so many battles

An unloader of the metal

Too hopefully become holder of the medal

But truly he’s just another solider in the saddle

When it’s over and it’s settled

But it’s never older and it it’s never settled

This is the weight of the burden form the boulder of the ghetto

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