Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One More Chance (w/ sound recording)

August 05 I started my new hustle
Hitting the books, flexing my school muscle
Left the barrel to be in the BU Bubble
Resisting Temptation became my new trouble

I ain't no bitch, I ain't no hoe
But I cant get kicked out of school back at my mama's door
So I gotta bite my lip, keep my hands under control
Just hope I implode before I explode

These college kids are too trusty
Hell I wouldn't trust me
Been hitting licks since I couldn't fit in the buggy
Log on myspace my niggas stunting in club pictures
Fuck I wish I was in the club with ya
Drinking liquor, kicking back and rolling up the swishas
Instead of being broke wishing I was getting richer with ya
The fast way, ak and ski mask way
Instead of work study wage and my new chick Ashleigh

I'm not used to bumming, but I am used to bombing
Heartbeat drumming, praying 50 ain't coming
Went from hearing guns humming, to hearing guitars strumming
I came from nothing, so I am gonna leaving with something

Fuck school Ill do what I do, if i have to
I'm tired of crying cuz my niggas dying, in the bathroom
Magic, give me half of one and Ill have two
Tired of Mom's crying because her rent is past due
She asking me for money and my tuition is past due
The burden's on my shoulder, to me its passed to

Who? The task master, the class passer
I can't build walls, but I can blast plaster
To fix holes, to fix wholes
Amazing how I take the spoon to mix bowls

A sick soul, my niggas bragging bout they come up
Who and how they got done up
Asking me to come back and pick the brunt up
Do a run up hit the mall and get my stunt up
and for school put some up

I admit...it had me cheesing
From the outside it sounds so easy
But I remember my bro, bleeding and wheezing
I remember him screaming, is he dreaming and don't leave em
I remember that he died for no fucking reason
I know if I go back, I'm not leaving
So I can't go back because I'm not leaving breathing


I wrote this my freshman year from October 2005 - Feburary 2006.Biggie wanted his One More Chance and Baylor was mines. Its not about sex. It gets hard when you hungry. And I felt like I was starving and I'm definitely not talking about food.

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