Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I had been crawling through this world for so long.
Tired, exhausted and deprived.
This colorless nightmare haunted my consciousness.
This can't be life.

One day I came across a lone rose laying askew in the middle of the road.
The petals were perfectly in blossom with a brilliant fiery crimson hue,
And a vivid harlequin stem ornamented with thorns
Simply enchanting...
After my awe struck moment, I lunged for it.
I lunged for beauty, color...
I lunged for life-but it was to my own dismay.

The jagged thorns ripped through my skin like a chainsaw and tore my hand.
I dropped the damned weed immediately and then fell to my knees from agony.
The tidal wave of blood rushed from my hand and flooded the ground.
I screamed for someone, anyone to help me.
But my screams fell only upon my screams,

As the tears streamed and the pain soared, I cut my eyes to curse my damned enemy,
But then noticed some peculiar.
The the blood was diffusing into the rose making it bigger, redder, thornier.
And as it morphed, I felt something in me leave.
I then hunched closer towards the rose and yet again I was dumbfounded.
I saw the new thorns emblazoned with my initials...and with her initials

How could something so beautiful be so ugly?
I never thought a rose would hurt me so bad!
But hell...I never thought she would either.

The rose is red, because I am blue.
It took my air, when you took you...away...


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