Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Heisman to Hell

Ain't no Vicodin for heart ache
Running with the truth
White Bronco for the car chase
Absence of evidence is the evidence of absence
Sole witness to the presence of my present for they asses

Whats a crime without passion?
Especially when the passion is crime-She's mine Motherfucker!
I bought them panties you ripped off,
Makeup you messed up-You kissed death when you kissed her

I don't remember our first kiss
But I remember last ones, each one a special gift
I knew what I had, but you didn't know that I had it
Stolen by this nigga covered in blood and one of your fake eyelashes
Tragic? Bitch Please! You didn't suffer nan
I am a MotherKiller, instead of a MotherFucker now
You had kids by me, but you don't want a brother now?
Left him dead at the door, and dared him to say he loved her now
Man I wonder who's the owner of this glove I found?

The tragedy is that I gotta live knowing that I failed
For the first time in my life, and I can't let that ship sail
I hope to end up where your eyes land
But now death to me is jail
It all started with a Heisman
It all ended up in Hell
....strike the pose...
...pull the gun away from your head...

Jack of All Trades...Master of None




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