Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm Good...

She said it was her, but she didn't really mean it
I know it was me, I had to be dreaming
Thinking it was gonna work, we wasn't really clicking
And the only time she seemed smile is when I was dicking
Or when I was licking, the time bomb was ticking
And when it blew, we both knew it was threw
Its the cycle, I know the un-merry go round
And this ride has a lot of ups, but it has twice as many downs
That's why i down twice as many rounds
It seems this circus has twice as many clowns
Walking this tightrope getting harder
While juggling these flames over shark infested water
And the other side if getting further, and the height is getting father
From ground, from the earth, from this motherfucking galaxy
I call to check on her, and she has the nerve to be mad @ me
It seems the world is mad @ me
Ice grills from the masses, mean mugs from these slugs
I wanna kill all they bitch asses
But I gotta chill, when she passes
I can't let her see me fractioned
I won't give her evil ass the fucking satisfaction

"How are you Ryan?"
"You know...I'm Good..."


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