Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello Ms...Today

As the waiter hurries us to our table with warm salutations,
I am aloof towards the elegance of the evening.
Not glance to the posh decor, extravagant ornamentation or opulent aura;

She on the other hand is brimming with glee...
She never thought that dance would lead to this,
This wondrous restaurant with people she could have never met
and food should would not ever try;
But I did...

I grab her chair, seat her, and slid her in
Scanning the room to peer at my family.
You see while this is new to her, it is home to me.
This is the driveway, which leads right to my one room house.
At least there is only one room she will see.

She gets nervous to order food with no prices,
And I reassure her to get what she wants.
As we sip wine, I awestruck her with words and experiences experienced,
But mostly vicarious
She is taken aback by every syllable;
I am drawing forward with every smile.
And by the time the check comes, she is already gone.

As we walk up to my bedroom, I am already thinking about Ms. Tomorrow.
Ms. Right Now is already Ms. Yesterday, and I like to live in the future
So right before I set down my phone to take her up, I send a text saying,
"Hello Ms....Today"


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