Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fighting With God

I had a fight with God last night.
Condescendingly He glared at me, while I knocked back the last corner of Hennessey
As the last drop of liquid courage rolled into my bowels, I snapped!

I threw the bottle at God and lunged for him…through him
Towards the fully loaded glock laying oh so consolingly on my bed
Defiantly, I turned around, gun square to my temple, staring God straight in the eyes
Laughing as the milliseconds to my fall of freedom tocked

As I pulled the trigger, God grabbed my leg, pulling me towards Him
The bullet shot past my head into the wall; the gun sailed across the room
Anger surged through every cell!
I would not be denied this; after all He has denied me!

Each lunge for my last opportunity of happiness was futile
God knocked me away from it, it away from me
But this would be the last time!
With a deafening yell, I dove towards the gun, turned and aimed right at His heart…
And fired!-Without hesitation or consideration

With every shot that rang out, I cried more and more
Even if I wanted to let stop, I couldn’t!
The gun seemed to meld to my hands
And as the last shots echo dissipated, the smoking sword dropped

I couldn’t open my eyes and accept my actions
Although closed, they leaked like levees
I couldn’t even fall on my sword because all of the bullets were gone…
I dropped…Yet something, someone one caught me
Slowly opening my eyes to discover the witness of my crime, shock engulfed me

God was there holding me and I realized
It was him who was holding my hands to the gun
Ensuring every bullet was gone
And he whispered to me: “You can never leave me, For I will never leave you”

You see last night I had a fight with God
And I won! because you can never lose with God on your team

...Fight with Faith...


Inspired by BMF Gospel Remix "Can't Shoot Through Jesus"

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