Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Motel Man

The last thing that I need is more pussy....
But girl I need your pussy
I don't even see who you could be...
But girl I see your pussy

All I remember is the wake up, walk out, the check up
The waiting, the confirmation to serve who is next up
Text her, talk her, wine her, dine her
Treat her like a diner
Once I dine I next in line her
I'm fucked up

Psychologically, mentally and spiritually
So I do it medically, methamphetamine literally
I don't even think I'm here to me
I don't know what I am here to be
Raw dogging randoms is the only things that's clear to me
That's why I always do it with my eyes close
Once I get inside, I try to disappear to she
Y'all think I live fast, but I contest that I die slow

Don't need heaven, when I got a harem
Hoes are home for a heathen,
My haven is a Days Inn

...till the my days end...


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