Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Last Last

As we laid there, with our thoughts enveloping the moment
We said nothing.
Our silence, our blank stares, our pinky-lock said it all
This is not the first time
But it would be the last…last time
I grabbed her slender frame and lunged
Pulling her towards me, pushing me into her
Trying to penetrate those two deep mocha guardians of hers and seize what’s mine!
What she has been holding back for far too long

Her uncanny resilience could rival Wolverine
Not only was my offense met with opposition, but so was her volition
He had her. He has her. But I have her!
An ionic bond of wholes, a covalent bond of souls
So this last last time, this subatomic reaction has to go nuclear...
Nuking our nucleus, sending shock-waves through our neurons,
Shifting us from neutral to overdrive

He has her, but she is mine.
Each kiss was the fruition of the fantasy of us
Inhaling her every exhale, in effort to take back every stolen breath
Engulfed in our cocoon, my hands traversed her every crevice
Eyes seemed to sprout on the tips of my fingers
With each touch I saw what she couldn’t say
Our lips' link synced our unconscious
And as my teeth grazed back on her bottom lip that final time
I bit the edge to hold on to her, to us, for a millisecond longer

So anytime you need me, circle back to that night
Spiral through our indulgence, then pivot on that moment
Right before the crowns of my front teeth slipped off the rim of your supple lips
Because I am still right there waiting to have you again
...the last last...lasts

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

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