Monday, January 24, 2011


Why won't you kiss me back?
The freon that courses you veins has caused your lips to feel like...nothing...
My cries, no matter the intensity, sincerity, or vulgarity, illicit that same damning response....a smile...
The smile that once filled me with a joyous fervor,
Now is a red-eyed gleaming terror

Why won't you say you miss me back?
I miss you, and I throw my emotions missiles, with the muscles of a million men,
But they always miss you...
Your presence should denote your receptive
But whether it was dropped, evaded or intercepted
I can't hit my target, if its guarding...its self...

How is your smile a sword and a shield?
I can't take anymore!
I drop to the floor and and kneel
Lying on the floor of shards of broken glass from the picture frame
Tears streaming down upon that glossy picture of you
The only bit of you that remains....
Why won't you kiss me back?

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

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