Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Devil in A New Dress

How you in my rear-view and my windshield?
It’s like a sunny day, with a wind-chill
You just blowing air like a windmill
But you take me there, horseshoes and timb heels
My heart feels likes it’s ran ten hills
Stop for breath looked up and seen a mountain....range
I thought I found a fountain, I found a drain
Cuz she broke my heart, I out here rerouting veins
Connecting them to vages with absent daddies
Vagina Vulture d.b.a Saturday Night Savage
Sunday Morning Vanished
Thanks to my guest, half dressed, mumbling something up in spanish

Te queiro. Te quiero?!? Te quiero! Ay dios!

No me conoces? Donde vives?
I never look up, cuz I know god see this
I aint ashamed, hell he's right here with me
In the club, acting up, he was right there with me
Main reason after Remy I still found that jimmy
I know he's right here, but why is he still right here with me?
I don't deserve it, why aint he deserted?
She did, bounced like it was right before the offering time of service
Goddamn Lucifer, I love ya daughter Lucy
Hot love, but no fire crotch Danny Bonaduce
How she got so many faces and so many races?
How I meet her so many times in so many places?
How she in so many sizes and so many ages?
Don't get her wasted, just point down and ask can you take this?

She, they always reply in the positive
Insecurity modeling, unbottling immaturities swallowing
Don't know if it’s A.I.D.S or aiding cognitive-abilities
But it’s the facility for this soliloquy
Menstruating mentally
I don’t know if stability is in my vicinity
But I know these hours aren’t ours and these minutes aren’t meant to be
So every second is success
Trying to move on, but I see my ex in every club dress

Jack of All Trades...Master of None

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Rosie Owusu-Hemeng said...

omg i follow your blog and I was thinking why hasn't Ryan posted anything in forever? Glad you're back.. I really enjoy your gift!