Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm So

I’m So…

I’m sooooo hungry
But I don’t wan to get up
The fridge is too far
And there is nothing to microwave
Plus Family Guy is on – I LOVE STEWIE!
But I’m soooo damn hungry

I’m sooooo thirsty
But I don’t want to get up
The fridge is too far
And we only have tap water
Plus it’s the episode when Stewie beats up Brian
But I’m sooooo damn thirsty

I’m soooo tired
But I don’t want to go to sleep
The bed is too far
And I might miss something
Here it comes “Where’s My Money Man?”
But I’m soooo damn tired

I’m soooo hungry and the fridge is full
I’m soooo thirsty and the ice is cold
I’m soooo sleepy and I’m laying on the couch

But I’m soooo lazy…

Inspired by Bob Marley - "In an abundance, the fool is thirsty"
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