Friday, June 26, 2009

Us Poem

This isn’t a love poem, it’s an US poem

Why write about something intangible

Indefinable, Incomprehensible

Unmanageable, unreliable?


No, I scribe scripts of surety, of purity

Dreams are deferrable

But reality is occurable

Occurred and Occurring-Reassuring

“What is” is great!

“That what may be” is not will


When you touch me

My hair levitates, goosebumps knot

And nerve endings fire like Black Cats


When you call my name

My ears while ringing, are soothed,

Heart accelerates

Perspire, yet inspired

It’s like you and my heart conspire


And when you smile at me….Girl when you smile at me!

Please smile at me?

I want to feel what I can’t explain


But this isn’t a poem about love

It’s a poem about US.


Our successes, our failures

Our history, our present

Our fights, our discoveries

Our kisses, our hugs



I am not in love with you…

But I am absolutely, head over heels, crazy about US!



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