Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Last Parade

It rained all night
Dreaming, seemingly even bringing rocks to life
The clouds have eclipsed the sun, fogs everywhere
Inviting me, enticing me, to return to the air
But it’ll be stayed, because today is my day
Family united, with frowns upon their face
Even though I’m in the shade
I’m still here don’t be afraid
It’s my last parade

The tear stained trail behind, the sunlit path ahead
Nothings guaranteed
Hopes on the horizon, faith guides my feet
Life is what leads
No matter the confetti of cries,
No balloons of sadness will eclipse the skies
The memories will entertain us
The memories will sustain us
The memories will not constrain us
The memories contain the
Laughter, smiles, keys to keep on keeping on
Keep your head high, don’t weep on see the sun
My paths already paved, the route of my last parade

The procession proceeds
A collection of leaves
Though tattered, though scattered, they matter
Even without a connection to trees
On my erection it reads...both my birth dates
Last one’s bigger, reason why we here in the first place
Worst case scenario-No heaven, No worries
There is still life after, I’m not buried
Not in the photos, assets or accomplishments
In the hearts, heads and accomplishments
Of those I helped, facilitated or inspired
The wingless phoenix, comes back in the fire
Of those who eyes I stirred up ire
The casket can no longer be stayed
For I have already been prayed
I have been lifted, now lowered, yet I’m unafraid
of the end of my last parade…

Inspired by Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

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